Joshi Sir = Mathsmagician!!

Er. K.C.Joshi(B.Tech I.I.T. Kanpur)

Joshi sir is also known as the mathsmagician among students:

Joshi Sir has the art to transform maths from abstract to concrete / realism. Students are able to explain a 2 hour lecture in 5 minutes just like a 3 hour movie is explained to a friend in 15 minutes.
Maths is no more a boring subject, with Joshi Sir it becomes enjoyable, If you start enjoying anything you can remember it easily. Thus you are able to pay attention in class & learn to be focused.
Students don't just learn to solve infinite problems but also learn the art to frame questions.
Students save time, since they are able to find the root of the problem easily & solve many questions in lesser time. Normally if student takes 2 hours to solve a topic or set of problems, students of Joshi Sir are able to solve it within 20 minutes.

This is how Joshi Sir gained the name of Mathsmagician.

Er. Kailash Chandra Joshi is young, enthusiastic, energetic and extremely focussed. These few words define Joshi Sir, as a born teacher and a true motivator. He is guiding the aspirants of IIT-JEE from the last 17 years.
We are here to nurture & shape your career.

Salient features

Physics Approach

1: Easy concepts based on common sense leading to basics of physics.
2: Visualisation by diagrams from many different sides.
3: Analysis – verbal, then diagramatic and then mathematical.
4: Shortcuts based on concepts to save time.
5: Important conceptual question and more than 1200 questions discussed in 1 seesion.
Physics be comes core anchor of JEE (Main/ Advanced) selection.

Chemistry Mantra

1: Fast track trick to solve numericals.
2: Easy methods to memorize the Equations, Groups, Periods & Properties.
3: In depth analysis using simple concepts.
4: Inter-connected lectures for having compelete picture and common over the full subject.
Chemistry turns out to be most scoring subject